Focus on employees

Focus on employees

We are working on creating a company that is pleasant for everyone to work in, now and in the future. In 2023, we continued to work on these four themes:

Great Place to Work

At Fluvius, we make a conscious choice to be a ‘Great Place to Work’ for all our employees. This fits in with our strategy: we want to put our customers and our employees first. Via the annual Great Place to Work survey, we want to hear from our employees how they actually experience working here. The survey results tell us objectively what areas we can be satisfied about, or even very satisfied. Every year, we ask all employees how much they experience Fluvius as a great place to work. In doing so, they judge by sixty different aspects.

  • Response ratio for 2023: 87% (83% in 2022)
  • Final score for GPTW in 2023: 74% (66% in 2022)

I am very proud to see that there is a lot of trust between colleagues and their supervisors, and that there is a huge pride in working for Fluvius and helping build the networks for tomorrow. We see a lot of fun, camaraderie and collegiality every day. Of course, there are areas for improvement. We analyse these to take the right actions.

Ilse Van Belle, Fluvius HR director

Trust and shared leadership

We are creating a Fluvius culture in which trust, shared leadership and the Fluvius values are central. We are always attempting to improve this. For example, we made our internal values more specific and future-proof in 2023, thanks to the input from the GPTW survey and from dialogue sessions with colleagues. Going forward, we simply combine our values under a six-letter word: STRONG.

We further embed shared leadership by guiding teams at their request according to the challenges they face. We continue to focus on four themes:

  • trust
  • enhancing psychological security
  • learning to engage in constructive conflict
  • focusing the culture and the shared leadership and bridging the widening gap.

Being and remaining versatile in a flexible organisation

In a rapidly changing professional environment, we want to keep evolving all the time and keep on training everyone. We are therefore working to help our employees to develop the right skills.

Fluvius academy

Safety first: working safely is a permanent focus

Safety 2023 - Objectives Fluvius

At Fluvius, we aim for ZERO accidents. In 2023, our safety campaign 'Stay alert with the workplace check: Stop-Think-Do' was continued. This offers a clear step-by-step plan for safe working. Both our own staff and third parties are immersed in our 'safety bath'. Key parameters for workplace accidents are the frequency and severity. These figures indicate the number of accidents at work involving absence and the number of days of absence, respectively, in proportion to the number of hours worked per year.

Keeping working on everyone's well-being

Fluvius goes all-out to ensure employees feel good in their skin. For example, the Well-Being Team further guides Fluvius employees towards well-being in a tailored manner, with an accessible, confidential and people-oriented approach. Employees can turn to the team of social assistants when their work/life balance is under pressure, or if they are suffering from health problems. Professional problems were mainly in the area of excessive workload, lack of perspective, and new struggles in working with a colleague.

The importance of these contacts is to keep their connection with Fluvius fresh, and coach and guide employees on sick leave where possible, thereby making it easy for them as possible to return to work. Well-being also starts with prevention. Through structural actions, we work on the health and happiness at work for every Fluvius employee. Refining the knowledge of well-being themes and the accompanying skills was also a focus in 2023.

Welfare 2023

Well-being also starts with prevention. Through structural actions, we work on the health and happiness of every Fluvius employee. Refining the knowledge of well-being themes and the accompanying skills was also a focus in 2023.

We are also focusing on collaborations around mental and physical well-being with external partners. For example, the collaboration with Mindlab, a digital platform with tips on numerous well-being themes, was continued. For physical well-being, we collaborated with Energy Lab in 2023 to encourage as many employees as possible to exercise. Twenty employees were able to receive personal coaching with a specific goal. And finally, we offer our employees free fitness tests, cardiac tests and energy scans.

In recent years, several colleagues have tragically ended their lives. In order to provide professional support even in these difficult circumstances, the Well-being team is working on a suicide prevention policy. Together with a partner from the Centre for Mental Health, they are drafting a guide that ensures that communication and support are provided correctly and efficiently.