Fluvius would like to be a Great Place to Work for its employees

Great Place to Work

At Fluvius, we want to be a Great Place to Work (GPTW) for all our employees. In a workplace with the GPTW quality label, everyone carries professional pride, camaraderie, collegiality and trust. In practice, we do this by (continuing to) talk to our employees. What do they appreciate and what could be improved? Based on this feedback, we set up actions, with shared leadership as the guideline.

GPTW poll 2022: steady, hopeful progress

GPTW poll 2022: steady, hopeful progress

Every year, we ask all employees to what extent they experience Fluvius as a great place to work. In doing so, they judge 60 different aspects. This year, we again achieved a very high response rate of no less than 83%, which makes the results particularly representative.

For 2022, we achieved an overall final rating of 66% (65% in 2021). This is just insufficient for GPTW certification. On the other hand, it is hopeful that satisfaction is rising in a turbulent year for Fluvius and the entire energy sector. We learn a lot about employee (dis)satisfaction. Because they were also able to comment on their scores, we also know what makes our people (less) enthusiastic and what they perceive as points for improvement or pain.

A final rating of 66% falls just short of a new GPTW certification, but once again we learned a lot about employee (dis)satisfaction.

 Working on a Great Place To Work

Working on collective trust

The Great Place to Work (GPTW) survey gauges five dimensions:

  • credibility
  • respect
  • honesty
  • pride
  • camaraderie.

In 2022, we gained ground in all areas. The Comradeship pillar again achieved the GPTW standard of 70% or more (75%). Respect and pride flirt with the crucial 70% threshold (68% and 69% respectively). On honesty and especially credibility, Fluvius still has the most work to do (with scores of 64% and 60% respectively).

Managers are the most satisfied employees, scoring over 70% on all pillars. A gap appears to have developed between management on the one hand, and team leaders and white-collar workers on the other. We responded to this by organising several brainstorming sessions with some 300 Fluvius participants. From these sessions, we also learned a lot about company perception and employee satisfaction, which we will use to further increase employee satisfaction in 2023.

 Fluvius is a Great Place to Work for many employees
Fluvius is a Great Place to Work for many employees
 Fluvius is a Great Place to Work for many employees
Fluvius is a Great Place to Work for many employees